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Limited Offers sessions valid 12 months - laser trial on Classic Bikini (small upgrade to Brazilian/Hollywood if you wish) or Lip/Chip/Jawline or Underarms

Click the link below and follow the instructions to choose your patch test slot (yes even if you've had laser elsewhere you need to invest this 10 minutes to ensure you get the best treatment from us.

You may provisionally select your first session by choosing a 10 minute appointment - leaving 24 hours after the patch test (for Fitzpatrick 5&6 skin tones that are darker please wait until the advice of your therapist as it may be longer in-between.


If for what ever reason you can not commence treatment we will of course fully refund your patch test fee.  This is very rare and normally if you're on medications or have an existing medical condition or are pregnant as we can't laser pregnant clients, laser is ineffective on red, powder blonde, vellus, grey and white hair  - we suggest reading the FAQ section below if you are unsure.


Book a patch test for this offer only with the special link after purchase

We use online Consultation technology to steamline your consultation. When you make your first appointment it automatically sends you information on how laser works, faq's and a pre-consultation form asking about your skin type and any medications you may be on etc. This information is on a secure encrypted server

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have special introductory offers?

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Once I've had my Patch Test how do I book my first Laser Appointment?

Is it a Laser Hair or IPL you use for Removal?

How many sessions do I need to achieve a smooth skin?

How long do I wait between each session? How do I know when to come for my next treatment?

Will I have hair between the sessions? How will I look?

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