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Thanks for the amazing feedback about how your sessions are progressing.  We've a Groupon offer going live later this week but which due to Groupon conditions it's only for new clients.  Most treatments require 6-10 sessions to be effective and long lasting and a couple of annual top up sessions.  This is an ideal opportunity to save about 80% on Laser!

So we'd like to offer them to you at the same price as a strictly limited offer for you and your friends if you'd be good enough to share!

Option 1 Small Area 2 Sessions £20.00
Option 2 Medium Area 2 Sessions £25.00

Option 3 Small Area 4 Sessions £39.00
Option 4 Medium Area 4 Sessions £49.00

 Or would you like to add on another treatment plan for another area?  These 6 sessions plans area ideal:

Option 7 Small Area 6 Sessions £49.00
Option 8 Medium Area 6 Sessions £59.00

Plus for those of you who've asked about all areas included we've two stunning offers worth upto £2340 - but this is strictly limited to the first 5 purchases!
Option 5 The Works 6 Sessions 4 Areas £180.00 - half leg/or full male back & any other areas
Option 6 The Works 6 Sessions 5 Areas £240.00 full leg/male back & any other area

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