Please use the hand sanitiser gel on entry & exit, wear fresh face mask and enter alone with keypad only if vacant waiting area. Washroom Facial Cleansing suspended.

I have tried various different lasers with little or no effect….until now. Andrew makes you feel very much at ease and discusses fully your options and the results you should expect to achieve. I’ve had one session on three different areas. Absolutely delighted with the results. Only one session on my underarms and not one hair has grown back in four weeks. The online booking system makes things easier and helps towards the affordability of the treatment. I wish I had known about the Metro Clinic years ago. If you are in any doubt, I can’t recommend highly enough that you contact Andrew and have a chat about any concerns… makes a pleasant change to be able to leave a positive review for a treatment that has never worked for me in the past.

Tell a friend – they get discounts and a £1 Patch test – and as a thanks you save too!

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