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And we’re proud to have an NdYag by Polaris it’s the best…



She made us feel at ease

My mum and I got Laser Hair Removal for the 1st time with Laura after our patch test. At both times she made us feel at ease, talked through what she was going to do next and was very professional. She was fantastic and we will be continuing our future appointments with Laura.
If you are coming here for the first time, we would definitely recommend Laura.


Very sceptical at first

I have a darker skin with dark hair. I was very sceptical at first when I read about ND-YAG laser, but decided to give it a try. We only regret the chances we didn't take, so i decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did. It has worked wonders.

Laura is very professional and knows what she does. She puts your comfort first and has the knack of putting you at ease. I would highly recommend her.

To be honest, I've not got rid of 'all' hair. But this is pretty close to 90%. What is left after six treatment is a very fine hair, and grows a lot slower. However I was able to start seeing results from my first treatment itself.

If you are still sitting on the fence, like I was, I suggest you take a leap. The staff there offer frequent free promotions for you to give their laser a try. You have nothing to loose other than some unwanted hair 🙂


الشعر الكثيف يختفي تماما

اليزر هي طريقة الحديثة والمستعملة لإزالة الشعر من المناطق التي يكثر ويتجمع بها الشعر. أندرو بدا معي جلسات اليزر وبعد ٤ جلسات أستطيع ان اقول بكل ثقة انه الشعر الكثيف بدا يزول كليا. لهذا أنصحكم با أخذ جلسات ومع أشخاص متتخصصين من اجل الحصول على النتائج المطلوبة. سارة


Unbelievable Cheap Laser Glasgow Unbelievable

Unbelievable Cheap Laser Glasgow Unbelievable …I’m really amazed how much hair has gone after one session [Full Hollywood], already my skin is much smoother and can’t wait for the next treatment [Laser Hair Removal Glasgow]. …this guy makes you feel so at ease and not at all exposed considering its such a private place! Would recommend totally. ‘HF Glasgow



I had really bad facial hair growth due to my PCOS. I'm only 4 sessions in and I have little if any hair growing now. My confidence is through the roof and the staff are fantastic. Couldn't be happier


Kind and understanding ... beyound just aesthetician's

Laura and Andrew both are beyound just aesthetician's. They are honest, hardworking and always deliver on what they say. Professional yet friendly. Kind and understanding. I have been going for laser hair removal sessions for a few years now (gradually working on different areas of the body). I am always made to feel welcome and comfortable, especially when I have sessions on areas I am shy about! I cover up so this is really important for me so always preserve my modesty. The atmosphere at Metroclinic makes u feel safe and Laura and Andrew are trustworthy in all aspects. Do not regret the day I first turned up for my first appointment!


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