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Shisho in Skincare

Shisho in Skincare


Frequently dominated by their buzz-centric Korean partners,

Japanese skincare items remain profoundly respected for their exceptional quality, rigid R&D and amazing textures. Past that, they also hold some of the most potent natural ingredients that have been used for a millenia to improve skin health for firmer, smoother, plumper and more radiant skin. Held in high esteem in culinary circles in Japan, shiso is widely used in soups and tempura or drizzled over rice, thanks to its complex totally unique distinctive flavour. In skincare, it unleashes its antioxidant powers to protect skin from external sources of damage. Formulated for oily, acne-prone skin, this lightweight oriental gem deeply replenishes skin with moisture while shielding it from free radical damage. Also known as Perilla or P. frutescens (PLE). The leaves extract of (PLE) has the potential to fight against free radical and oxidative stress. Antioxidants are known as important factors to protect damaged cell, stimulate collagen production, preserve hyaluronic acid levels in the skin, and also exert anti-inflammatory effect.

Shisho can be used both for medicinal and culinary purposes. Some of the important perilla oil benefits include:

  • Aids in anti-inflammatory activity: Perilla seed oil contains several compounds such as the omega-3 fatty acid and Rosmarinic acid. Both these compounds have shown results of suppressing and lowering the levels of inflammation in the body. These compounds help relieve inflammation and suppress allergy-causing agents.
  • Aids in promoting good HDL: This oil contains an impressive amount of Omega-3 fatty acid and small amounts of Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acid. Consumption of Omega-3 helps in raising HDL (good cholesterol) while lowering the bad cholesterol levels. Thus, it aids in the prevention of cholesterol plaques on the inner artery walls and subsequent high blood pressure and heart attack.
  • Aids in reducing oxidative stress: One more perilla oil benefit is as a good source of potent antioxidants such as rosmarinic acid, shishonin, apigenin, quercetin, luteolin and essential oil fatty acid with strong antioxidant activity. The antioxidants protect against the harmful actions of reactive oxygen that causes oxidative stress. Free radicals cause damage at the cellular level that disrupt the normal cell function which is where the antioxidants help.
  • Effective against allergies: The Rosmarinic acid in perilla oil helps to inhibit the inflammatory activity, thus aiding in the prevention of seasonal allergy. The oil extract from the perilla can also improve the lung function and breathing problem of people suffering from asthma.
  • Excellent for skin care: The Rosmarinic acid in the perilla seed oil aids in an effective treatment of atopic dermatitis. The oil is wonderful for calming the skin, and regular application is good for dry skin. The oil also helps reduce clogged pores. It also helps cysts and acne when applied topically.



This study demonstrated that the serum containing PLE was stable at various storage conditions. The clinical evaluation indicated that the serum containing PLE could increase skin hydration and skin elasticity after treatment. In terms of skin texture, the sulcus cutis was narrower with the effect from the test serum, and the numbers of equilateral triangles were increased after applying PLES serum than the baseline. This means that the skin appears to have a ûner texture. From the previous studies, P. frutescens leaves extract was presented as being anti-inflammatory, anti-aging activity, and identified as decreasing oxidative stress which caused skin disease such as an aging of the skin. This study further utilized the findings from the previous work to develop a serum containing PLES to promote skin moisturizing and skin elasticity efficiencies. Furthermore, the PLES can reduce the irritant and inflammatoryon the skin. The volunteers were satisfied withthe product, especially with its color, odor andefficacy. Therefore, P. frutescens leaves can usedas a substitute for seed extract. In addition, it’s anadded value for the products and has the potential to be used as an active ingredient in cosmeceutical products developed for anti-inflammatory and antiaging applications.   Mungmai L, Preedalikit W, Aunsri N, Amornlerdpison D. Efficacy of Cosmetic Formulation Containing Perilla frutescens Leaves Extract for Irritation and Aging Skin. Biomed Pharmacol J 2020;13(2). Available from:

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