Do not make any appointments with these links please unless you’ve already had a patch test with us – this is essential.
  • Stop waxing, epilating or threading areas that are being lasered
  • Please no make up at all on area - you must be fully cleansed not just a baby wipe as residue though not visible will scortch your skin.
  • 24/48 Cancellation policy strictly enforced.
  • Please arrive slightly early we may often be able to take you immediately and it helps our day run smooth.
Main Duty Days

From time to time either therapist will alter days, though in general the lead therapist on Duty daily is below.  Some days both are available.  Both are comfortable with many years of experience of working intimately on clients of different sexes and discreet with the privacy regardless of gender or orientation, Trans or gender neutral clients.

Both have access to your treatment plan and continue working together to achieve results so make appointments to suit your own schedule.

Monday, Sunday & varied weekdays

Tuesday – Saturday

Info on appointment booking links

  • Please read if you're not familiar with our booking system
    These are only for clients who have previously registered and had a patch test. Don't book these without first having a patch test booking at least 24 hours prior.
  • Appointments at the Clinic are held on secure servers under our strict data protection policy. Both Andrew & Laura have access to your notes so regardless of if you generally see one or the other you can always choose a date with either that suits best with your schedule.
  • If you need to reschedule simply click the link in your original confirmation email - it will show all upcoming appointments you've made - select cancel/reschedule.
  • Should you be running late a voicemail may be left on 0141 339 7941 but ideally please email as we always are online (we will reply when out of current treatment).

Time required – please check you’ve selected the correct duration as advised

    we've streamlined our slot booking system so please use time advised by your therapist.

    10 Minutes: Lip/Chin - Jawline - Neck - Mens Beard line - Underarm - small areas

    15 Minutes: Hollywood - Brazilian - Half Face

    20 Minutes: Full Face - Combo Bikini etc & Underarm

    30 Minutes: Back - Chest - Arms - Half Leg

    45 Minutes: 3/4 Leg or medium full leg

    60 Minutes: Back & Chest - Full Longer Leg

    75 Minutes: As advised

    90 Minutes: As advised

    120 Minutes: As advised

    150 Minutes: As advised