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So claiming rewards is really simple ...

  • Give a friend one of our rewards cards - remembering to write your name on it
  • send them a picture of the card
  • tag them in the post on facebook
  • forward them a referral email link - you'll see this link when you book appointments too

How much do they receive off?  Depending on the area they choose to treat, ie small, medium or large they'll get £10, £20 or £30 off their first treatment.  One new client referral per client i.e. a new client with 3 friends can't claim one from each friend

How much do I receive and how do I claim it?  We simply store any referral cards that come in from you, for every 2 reward cards that have come from you - we'll allow you to claim that amount off your next session.  It's like for like i.e. you can use the small, medium or large and get £10, £20 or £30 off similar sized areas that you'd like treated yourself.

No cash redemption value.  Discount amount off standard treatment rates may not be used with other special flash sale or offer prices where another discount is in place.

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