Thiospot® Intensive Cream is an effective emulsion specially formulated for lightening dark skin pigmentation spots. Its quadruple ingredient formula works by altering the formation of melanin in multiple but synergistic ways and is as effective as 4% hydroquinone but without the associated health concerns.

Product Description

I just wanted to say – I’ve been using your Thiospot Skin Roller religiously for the last month or so (on a smallish brown spot on my face that I’ve had for about 8 years) and it’s working! (The only product that ever has). This could revolutionize my life (and my boyfriend’s) as no longer will I be saying ‘Can you see my brown spot’ every time I leave the house!


I just wanted to tell you how brilliant thiospot is, after spending a lot of money on products claiming to fad pigment problems and not working I was getting very upset that it would be with me for life, and putting a lot amount of makeup on and making it look worse, I looked on the internet and came across thiospot cream I’ve only been using 5/6 weeks but the difference is huge even my husband can see it fading so am very very very happy. I have ordered some more and I am more than happy to have to apply this product every day to keep it away. Thank you.

Suzanne from East Lothian*

I am writing to let you know how wonderful I have found this product Thiospot. I started using the cream about a year ago, on some very noticeable sun spots on my face. Even under heavy foundation cover they were noticeable. I found out about this product by pure chance by the use of the internet. I read some customer reviews and was amazed at how many people had a noticeable result within 8 weeks of using this product, so I thought id give it ago. After 8 weeks the sun spots became not so obvious, and for the more darker spots, I used the Thiospot roller, which again had a very positive result after a few weeks use. I am also very impressed by the fact a consultant telephoned me at home to enquire how I was “getting on” with the products I had purchased. They were incredibly helpful and gave me some very useful tips on how to get the most out of the cream/roller, and to check if I had plenty of the product left. I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful product to any customers. It has certainly made my life a lot easier and now I am not so self-conscious about how the way I look. Once again thank you

Yours faithfully, D Peek, Devon*

Thank you for your email, I bought thiospot for my Mum as she had sun spots on the back of her hands. She has been applying Thiospot to affected areas twice daily with brilliant results, her sun spot marks have completely gone now, she cant believe how quickly this has worked, she has used other treatments in the past which have not worked, she would recommend Thiospot, it really worked for her.

From, P Dhillon, W Bromwich*

I am on the fifth week of treatment using the Thiospot Skin Roller. To my great delight during the past few days, the three large brown spots on my face are showing definite signs of going lighter. This is the first time I have seen any improvement. I’ve used two different strengths of “Fade Out” and “Bio Oil” all to no avail. I was considering making enquiries if laser treatment would be helpful, but now I don’t need to because imaging what another few weeks of Thiospot will achieve. I have never failed to apply my Skin Roller every morning and evening – peering each day into the mirror to see if I could see any change – and this past week, things are beginning to happen. I also notice I am using less foundation. So can I say thank you for developing this great product, I feel 60 going back to 16 with my new complexion and I haven’t finished my treatment yet. Thank you again, I will be recommending Thiospot SR to anyone I see with those awful, ageing brown spots.



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