Rosacea TripleLock® Core Solution is the core 10 – 12-week rosacea treatment and targets all symptoms and invisible causes of rosacea and contains:

  • The calming and soothing Rosacure® Gentle Cleansing Gel
  • Rosacure® Fast containing the key rosacea treatment ingredients, reducing symptoms and building a tolerance to triggers
  • Hydratime® Plus Day Face Cream is a light day cream, which creates a calmer skin environment and further boosts the action of Rosacure® treatment products
  • Sensicure® Cream Gel is a rapid-acting redness suppressor and is ideal for acute situations, apply before or during a reddening event for instant relief.
Product Description

Can the Rosacea TripleLock® be used as your main rosacea treatment?

Yes, the key ingredients change the skin to directly target the key stages of rosacea: redness, inflammation, pustules, skin thickening. Rosacea TripleLock® can also be used alongside other treatments, including antibiotics.

What is the real innovation of the Rosacea TripleLock® products?

The new Rosacure® ingredients cut off the nerve stimulated redness caused by dietary triggers or hormonal triggers. Combine Rosacure with Hydratime® and Nutritime® which boost the effects of these ingredients providing greater tolerance to external triggers (wind, weather or temperature) and creates a calmer skin environment by boosting lipids. Combine these products with the Sensicure® Cream Gel which we call a ‘rescue product’ as this provides instant rosacea relief and Rosacea – TripleLock® is highly innovative and an unstoppable force.

How long does it take for Rosacea TripleLock® to work?

Rosacea TripleLock® can start to reduce inflammation and redness within days, visible results have been seen in less than 10. Some feel relief within hours with symptoms calming quickly due to the calming and soothing action whereas some find relief within 6 to 8 weeks so perseverance in recommended. Clinical studies found this treatment is effective in over 80% of patients so you’re in good hands.

Are there any side effects with Rosacea TripleLock®?

There are no known side effects of Rosacea TripleLock®, some people who’ve used Rosacure® in the past have reported some drying effects using the Rosacure® Fast, but this is counteracted with the Hydratime® which is included in this set. We understand rosacea sufferers often have very sensitive skin, so all products in this set have been put together to calm, hydrate and soothe.

Can I use Rosacea TripleLock® while pregnant and breastfeeding?

We have no data to support usage or not, and so it is not recommended. Clinicians at their own judgement can recommend.

Who is Rosacea TripleLock® designed for? (E.g. flushers, blushers, rosacea, thread veins)

Rosacea TripleLock® is designed for all. It works better than cheap products and gels and is actually very cost effective. It works for rosacea, pre-rosacea, those prone to reddening and can be used to prevent the onset of rosacea. Younger family members with elder relatives with rosacea would be advised to use Rosacure® Intensive cream every day from a young age to prevent the onset of rosacea which runs in families.

How long will the products last?

On average we get repeat purchases every 10 weeks, costing less than £1 per day.

Has it been tested on animals or contain Parabens?

No, none of the products have been tested by us or the manufacturer on animals. This is important to us and the research company behind the products and no, absolutely no parabens are used.


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