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Price match Guarantee

Not only to we strive to always be the lowest priced solution for permanent laser hair reduction in Glasgow - but we back it up with a cast iron guarantee!

Naturally we believe in being fair so we want to promise you'll not find another Laser Clinic offering such fantastic prices.

Do we cut corners to offer you such good prices? Quite simply no... Our Laser isn't an inferior IPL system either, it's one of the best Nd:Yag systems currently available in the world. We also don't waste money in massive city centre clinics with high rent and rates. We basically think those costs are passed directly to the client.

Our offer extends to any recognised Laser treatment using a similar Medical Grade Laser of the 1064nm calibre. Although we're often cheaper than the inferior broad spectrum light systems, excludes 'IPL Laser' simply because IPL isn't a Laser!

Naturally it excludes wild one of offers on deal websites too - we do these too from time to time but fundamentally we want to offer you safe, high quality, medical grade effective laser solutions - at the very best prices.

Unlock the key for up to 70% Off Laser Treatments

At Metro Clinic, Laser Hair Removal is our specialty. We only use medical grade lasers, not inferior IPL or diode light systems like many other clinics in Glasgow.



  • Clear Up Skin & Banish Unsightly hair
  • Excellent Permanent Results in 6-10 Sessions
  • Fast, Easy and Comfortable Procedure
  • Save Time and Money Long Term
  • Goodbye Hang-Ups
  • Low cost money back guarantee

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