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Maskne is a real thing! With the current situation, it is indeed very important to wear face masks especially in crowded areas. However, if you have acne prone skin like myself, you’ll find yourself breaking out in areas of your face covered by facial masks 🥵.
Top 8 tips to avoid maskne:
💥Ditch the Makeup
• Use tinted mineral sunscreen instead 😎
• Makeup mixed with sweat trapped under the mask can irritate the skin and is a recipe for acne flare
💥Moisturise your skin to strengthen your protective skin barrier 💦
• Skin barrier can be impaired from friction/pressure of the mask and sweat being trapped underneath it
• Use overnight lip mask 💋 to moisturise your lip to minimise the use of lip product during the day
💥Simplify your skin care products – cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreeen
• Now, it’s not a good time to introduce new active ingredients as it may cause skin sensitivity and skin irritation
• Introduce salicylic products to unclog your pores and to reduce sebum production
💥Use Acne Patch if there’s a visible spot
• This prevents further aggravation and speed up healing time!
💥Use barrier cream to form an occlusive skin barrier
• A barrier cream is similar to diaper rash cream, it forms an occlusive barrier that prevents further irritation to the skin
• You can use it at night or even during the day while wearing the facial mask!
• These creams often have thick consistency and may form a white cast
💥Avoid lip 💄 product (ie. lipstick, lipgloss) and wipe your mouth clean & dry after eating/drinking
• Condensation of these products underneath the mask can lead to acne flare and periorbital dermatitis
💥Give your face a breather
• Take them off when you’re driving or in non-crowded areas
💥Wear clean appropriate masks
• Change your surgical mask 😷after every few hours
• Make sure fabric mask is soft and absorbent. This avoids unnecessary skin abrasion and absorbs all the condensation/humidity 💧
• Wash fabric masks after each use