Laser hair removal for men in Glasgow

Modern males care about stylish grooming and are getting more switched on to the benefits of painless laser hair removal.   This treatment is ideal because it works equally well across the entire body.  It’s efficient and effective and does away with all the hassle and irritation of repeatedly shaving and waxing.  Plus the effects are permanent.

Ingrowing hair can also be a problem after waxing, and shaving too closely.  Follicleitis (shaving rash) can also be an undesirable side effect.   Ingrown hairs commonly look like scattered red bumps and can be cosmetically disfiguring.  Ingrowing hairs can also develop into cysts, which in some severe cases need to be surgically removed, leaving unsightly scar tissue.  This is another condition which our expert therapists can help and advise you with.

Pain free hair removal is a key concern for men, particularly if they want their more sensitive areas to be treated!  We use precision focused lasers which target the hair follicles without damaging the skin.   The treatment does not work on light hair.

Why not come and see us for a free patch test and consultation with our expert?. 

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