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Save in our Super Spring Special

spring offers2We've a fantastic offer for a single session for Lower Legs, Gents Chest or Gents Back.  It's Medical Grade NdYag not IPL!

Normally £120 plus with us or £210 with another Glasgow Laser Clinic, for a limited time purchase a single treatment session for just £49!  Packages of 4 & 6 available.

On the purchase page select from the option you'd like.  Laser hair removal requires between 6-10 sessions and sessions take approximately 30 minutes.  Often clients see up to 40% reduction in session 1.  Repeat sessions at first are approximately 6 weeks apart depending on your shoulder_hair_reduction_sult_rnconsultation when we'll advise individually.

You should avoid sunbathing for 2 weeks after your session.  Available for all skin types, ineffective on red, powder blonde and white/grey hair.

On purchase receipt we'll send you a link to schedule a patch test. and book your session.

Single Session Just £49!