Late Availability from £25 per session

Sometimes due to client reschedulling we have slots that have been partly paid for due to our cancellation policy. We offer to pass this saving on to you with time based slots. Bookings are charged online when you reserve the slot. Take care that you are free as once you’ve scheduled and can’t make it you’ll lose the slot.

We have all the 30, 45 and 60 minute availabilty last minute slots displayed in the links. We do recommend booking slots in line with correct durations between ie Bikini/Underarm 4 weeks apart … waiting until 6 or 7 for example delayes the overall outcome and doesn’t allow us to regularly treat follicles for the most effective results.

We will complete what we can in the duration you’ve selected – however expecting a full body that takes 2.5 hours with a 30 minute slot isn’t happening! Should you require advice email

If when you click to check availability to see this message then we are fully booked in the upcoming day