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Are you here looking for the ultimate answer to your unwanted hair problems? Whether it be shaving or waxing, both methods are time consuming and costly over your lifetime. It’s nearly impossible to shave your own back, and it can be even more frustrating and embarrassing to find someone to do the job for you.

The problem with waxing is that the results don’t last long; you have to go back every three to four weeks to get waxed again, which ends up being rather costly and painful. In recent years, the simplest solution for removing hair from the back and shoulders has become advanced laser hair removal treatments. Metro Laser Clinic’s NdYag system is quick, effective, affordable and is recognised worldwide for permanent reduction. And most importantly, for many of our male clients is relatively pain free.

Laser Hair Removal is growing in popularity in men.  In fact, one in every five of our hair removal clients are men. At Metro Laser Clinic the most commonly treated areas for men are backs, shoulders, buttocks, chests and abs. We also treat a lot of men’s beards and necklines to reduce the appearance of the five o’clock shadow and the irritation involved in shaving this area where the hair grows in all different directions and is prone to ingrown hairs or a condition known as psuedofolliculitis.

Will it look natural?

Yes, we will blend the edges of the areas to be treated with a scattering technique, so that it blends in with the rest of the hair growth pattern on your body. For instance, when doing the back and shoulders, we include the deltoids and scatter the the laser treatment onto the upper arm.

male treatements

male treatements2

Is it possible to just thin out the hair?

Many men only want a reduction of their facial, legs, chest, arms to reduce irritation and make shaving easier. In just a few facial treatments, you will notice a significant difference in your five o’clock shadow and how much easier it is to shave without nicking yourself. Most men also experience diminishing ingrown hairs especially on the front of the neck where hair growth is very problematic for some.

Does it hurt?

Most men tolerate the treatment just fine.  Our Polaris Medical Grade NdYag laser, not only gets you in and out of the Clinic faster, it greatly minimizes the discomfort of the past by using a unique ice air jet method of cooling laser hair removal.  Your therapist is very sensitive to your feelings and will take great care of you sensing when you need to to take a break throughout your treatments.

Will I feel comfortable in your clinic?

Yes, your confidentiality, comfort and satisfaction are our utmost concern. Our professional technicians are very experienced in treating men and will make your treatments as comfortable as possible for you.  Our discreet Clinic setting is relaxed and not at all like a big salon or spa.  You will feel comfortable once you see it first hand.  We have a small individual waiting room where often there are no other clients waiting.