Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

laser hair removal glasgow west end

Laser Hair Removal Deals Glasgow

It’s always NdYag Medical Grade laser hair removal glasgow west end– why choose us?

We price check regularly: check out the example of a lower leg across the clinicsoffering medical grade laser hair treatments & deals in Glasgow. Click to see all our offers.

Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

We consider ourselves very fortunate when searching for Laser Hair Removal Glasgow online.  Most of our new clients do tend to be from word of mouth referrals.  Additionally we have a price match guarantee. People are more saavy to realise that there’s a balance if you buy a Polo don’t expect the results of a Porche!  However many clients often have luckily switched over to us based on results after perhaps being lured by inflated prices – seriously £85 for an upper lip but 50% off & reduced to ‘only £42.50′! 


laser hair removal dark skin ndyag

We scan all the clinics in Glasgow offering Laser Hair Removal with similar NdYag or almost as effective systems to ensure our prices are the best.  We’re up front and transparent, our aims are results driven, coupled with skin safety to deliver the best energy – we won’t keep the laser low to prolong your treatment spend.  Similarly we don’t include IPL Hair Removal rates in our price comparison, IPL we love for skin rejuv or broken capilliaries but only ever laser for hair removal.  IPL sysyems aren’t lasers and not safe on darker skin tones which we specialise in. 


 We offer PAY AS YOU GO sessions – just need a patch test first!

Plus Laser Hair Removal package offers too’

either way they’re no where near many of our competitors rates – so no finance options required.

Laser HairRemoval Glasgow

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Section for info & Video’s

Options changed when IPL Hair Removal
Medical Grade Laser or IPL Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

was over taken by Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal. Laser avoids excessive heating and potential damage to the skin often seen with light treatments. 

We have clients from many backgrounds and welcome all with respect.  Our PCOS Program is particularly effective,its strives to inform and give easy tips as part of our blog.  We’re on socials too like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest where we keep skincare tips and information updated. Plus our YouTube Channel too for laser hair removal advice.

Women’s sessions like Facial Hair Removal, Brazilian, Hollywood and Underarm naturally feature highly. Because of our unisex venue though it’s extremely popular for male laser hair removal too as we have tailored treatments for Laser Hair Removal for Men Glasgow

Because we find Medical Grade NdYag Laser Hair Removal was our go to choice for more Permanent Laser Hair Removal.  Unsuitable for pregnant clients, clients with autoimmune SLE, red hair or white/grey hair.  Some particularly platinum blondes should ask our advice.


Glasgow Hair Removal

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