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Price list

Firstly finding the best laser Hair removal Glasgow isn’t easy.

Secondly, let’s face it the main point is getting effective Results. Did we say Results? Oh yeah Results without being charged crazy prices!

  • Thirdly, the savings in your time and of your money are priceless. So we’d say take a step back and really consider, honestly, what you’re really getting in a deal.

Leaving lastly, what if hunting for the ‘Best Laser Hair Removal Glasgow’ was easy?

Imagine, now you never shaving again!  Often it’s easier if a friend’s has been to us.  Why? Because they’re  saving with real laser deals and decreased regrowth, even after session one. 

If you genuinely think a £5 or £7 laser ‘deal’ is anything less than nuts, we’re afaid you’ll be disappointed!

Finding the balance.

We all love adeal, right?  But not all deals are real.

Amazingly you can save with offers from just £9.  We could offer it as a lower price loss leader, but in honesty you start to think what are we not telling you huh?

That’s why we’re the No1 choice, giving you silky smooth skin with our Polaris NdYag Laser.

NdYag Laser Hair Removal in Glasgow for safe hair removal.

First time? We’ll happily show you why NdYag is fantastically unique working safely on all skin tones.  We’re also proud of our stunningly low prices.  At Metro it’s a medical grade laser that we trust and Never IPL.  Be aware and don’t be duped, IPL is intensed pulsed light without the penetration depth and not a laser which which passes safely to the root!

So what’s next. There are 2 consistent laser systems.

Scientifically researched and accepted around the world, there are two systems that can offer consistent results for hair removal.

They are long pulsed Alexandrite (755nm) for skin 1-3 max and long pulsed Nd:Yag (1064nm) for all skin tones 1-6. So because of skin safety plus results, that’s our laser of choice.

So for best results it’s always Nd:Yag lasers:

At the most effective penetration depth these (1064nm) lasers can be a far more versatile tool. Why? Because they can be used for hair removal on all skin types I-VI.

The Polaris system delivery simply passes through the pigmented skin invisibly targeting right to the follicle matrix.

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