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Are you here looking for the ultimate answer to your unwanted hair problems? Whether it be shaving or waxing, both methods are time consuming and costly over your lifetime. For men. It’s nearly impossible to shave your own back, and it can be even more frustrating and embarrassing to find someone to do the job for you.

Smooth skin, hassle free, hair free

Its often that silky smooth feeling of stubble free legs, without the need for waiting till hair is long enough to wax.

The problem with waxing is that the results don’t last long; you have to go back every three to four weeks to get waxed again, which ends up being rather costly and painful. In recent years, the simplest laser solution for removing hair from the face and underarm has become advanced laser hair removal treatments. Because it looks cleaner on facial hair and theres no jaggy shadow on underarms.

Metro Laser Clinics NdYag Laser Hair Removal system

Laser is quick, effective, affordable and is recognised worldwide for permanent reduction. And most importantly, for many of our clients is relatively pain free Laser because of the unique ice cold cooling jet. So why havent we heard more about this system in the media? It is because laser hair removal treatments have been slow to gain acceptance in the medical and beauty industry. Until recently, it has been considered an experimental procedure. Until relatively recently, the majority of treatments have been carried out in a salon environment by someone other than a medical professional. Until very recently, the systems have been expensive, and have been available only to large corporate clients.

Now things are changing.

Lasering, which uses light energy to damage hair follicles, and is also a safe way of removing hair, is becoming more accepted and more popular as a permanent hair removal method. It is now considered to be the gold standard in permanent hair removal. And it is also relatively cheaper, quicker, safer, less painful and more effective than other laser treatments. This means it is now becoming popular with large corporate clients and individuals who want to remove unwanted hair and it is more widely accessible than ever before.

The best way to understand the technology of Lasering is to read the independent clinical trials and the research reports. It is the only treatment known to be able to achieve permanent hair reduction at an acceptable level of discomfort (typically 8 out of 10). It is able to remove unwanted hairs from the skin with an consistency that is identical to the skin, so that the hair does not grow back, it is able to maintain its consistency across a wide area of the skin, it’s able to remove unwanted hairs from the skin with an acceptable level of discomfort (typically 8 out of 10).

Our clinics use a variety of technologies to get the best result from the treatment, and we are also constantly researching to improve the process.

* Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. This is a procedure whereby IPL beam passes through a number of small sections of skin on your arms, legs and chest, collecting and analyzing the colour and density of the melanin in the skin. IPL is able to illuminate the melanin in the skin so that it is collected and gathered in the hair follicle, and this allows us to make the hair follicles disappear. The number of treatment cycles required varies from individual to individual and can be made more efficient by going through several treatment cycles. The amount of time required for the hair to grow back varies from person to person.

* Laser hair removal. The laser emits a laser beam which penetrates the hair follicle. The hair grows and is harvested by the laser. This procedure should take less time to do for someone with light skin compared to someone with dark skin.

* Freezing spray. This is a procedure whereby a liquid nitrogen is sprayed on to the skin and it freezes the hair follicles so that they disappear.

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