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Medical Grade Laser or IPL Laser Hair Removal Glasgow?

Options changed when IPL Hair Removal was over taken by Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal. Laser avoids excessive heating and potential damage to the skin often seen with light treatments.

Also many people say Permanent IPL Hair Removal –

we did IPL Hair Removal about 20 years back and soon decided based on the amount of regrowth that Medical Grade NdYag Laser Hair Removal was our go to choice for more Permanent Laser Hair Removal.

Trust Built


Some client testimonials: really appreciate their kind feedback.

We really appreciate when our clients tell friends about how smooth, hair free and how many times they've a more even skin tone. For many it can literally be life changing - especially when clients attend to see dramatic differences with PCOS Laser Hair Removal.

Absolutely all our sessions can be booked online for ease, convenience 24/7 and simple rescheduling. Check the links in the menu bar for advice.

IPL isn't a Laser, its shallow penetration delivers huge heated blasts of light when treating hair follicles. Medical Grade NdYag however is able to safely penetrate even the darkest skintones safely because it's near infra red & invisible.

Lightning Fast

No only are treatment times fast and effective - they are also responsive from the very first session because you'll see less and less regrowth.

Because once you add up the lifetime cost to your time in addition to our low cost laser hair removal rates - you'll be delighted with your progress. We guarantee to be less than any other like for like system in Scotland!*

Tailored treatments.

You're in control because we advise when to book for the best results to achieve your results with no un-necessary treatments. All sessions are specifically tailored to your growth rate on each area, skin tone and follicle density.

Check out our videos that explain the whole process - c'mon its 2021 what else!? We've made it simple to choose the best.


Who We Are

Laser Hair Removal –

Are you here looking for the ultimate answer to your unwanted hair problems? Whether it be shaving or waxing, both methods are time consuming and costly over your lifetime. For men. It’s nearly impossible to shave your own back, and it can be even more frustrating and embarrassing to find someone to do the job for you.

For women.

It’s often that silky smooth feeling of stubble free legs, without the need for waiting ’till hair is long enough to wax.

The problem with waxing is that the results don’t last long; you have to go back every three to four weeks to get waxed again, which ends up being rather costly and painful. In recent years, the simplest laser solution for removing hair from the face and underarm has become advanced laser hair removal treatments. Because it looks ‘cleaner’ on facial hair and there’s no jaggy shadow on underarms.

Metro Laser Clinic’s NdYag Laser Hair Removal system

Laser is quick, effective, affordable and is recognised worldwide for permanent reduction. And most importantly, for many of our clients is relatively pain freeLaser  because of the unique BrrrEase ice cold cooling jet.

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Laser Hair Removal is just for women - right? Wrong.

Laser for Men

In fact, one in every five of our hair removal clients are men. At Metro Laser Clinic the most commonly treated areas for men are backs, shoulders, buttocks, chests and abs.

We also treat a lot of men’s beards and necklines to reduce the appearance of the five o’clock shadow and the irritation involved in shaving this area where the hair grows in all different directions and is prone to ingrown hairs or a condition known as psuedofolliculitis. This process is naturally a strong visual step in transitioning clients too.

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From stray chin hair, hollywood, brazillian to full body and everything in betwee.

Laser for Women

Cost Effective

Pricing Plans

Our sessions are priced by Zone, plus we have Combo packages and multisave options. Please click on the menu link for price information. One thing is for sure - like for like NdYag Medical grade regular rates at Metro are Guaranteed the lowest*

  • Diamond Deals
  • from £9
    From Per Session
  • No hidden fees. No pressure. Excellent
    for Personal use.

    for Personal use.

    No hidden fees.

    No fees.

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  • Multisave plans
  • £99
    for 5 sessions
  • Multisave

    Buy 4 get +1 more FREE

    Buy a block of 4 of any Zone or Combo  treatments and we’ll give you an additional one FREE.

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  • Full Body Laser (F)
  • £269
    Per Session
  • No hidden fees. No pressure. Excellent
    for Large Organizations.

    for Large Organizations.

    No hidden fees.

    No fees.

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Essentially we keep overheads low – so no swanky spa setting or expensive City Centre Laser Hair Removal.

We use NdYag – safe on all skin tones and never IPL Hair Removal.

Free on-street parking with plenty access to all main motorways.

Public transport metres away from the door.

Prices that are way lower than anywhere comparable in advance hair removal.

Results! Full Stop.

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