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Welcome to Metro Laser Clinic Gift Card Redemption

To allow us to book in your patch test appointment please

click and use this link only

or our system will charge you for your patch test. 

Also please note we operate a 24 hour cancellation policy, if you book a patch test appointment and subsequently cancel without giving us notice to fill the appointment you will have to purchase another patch test appointment.

Should you have questions the easiest way to contact us is by email to


Online Booking – Frequent Questions

  1.  Book the patch test appointment first from the link
  2.  You may also schedule your first appointment too leaving a minimum 24 hours after the patch test appointment
  3.  If you're redeeming an online purchase we'll already have noted this purchase against your record card but may require the name of the person who purchased this if it wasn't you.
  4. If you've had laser with Metro Clinic in the last year you don't need another patch test for other areas.

Follow up appointments and time required:

We'll advise at your patch test how long between your first and subsequent appointments, but the guide below gives approximate appointment duration and time between:

  • Underarm 10 minute appointment every 4 weeks
  • Facial areas small (lip/chin) 10 minute appointment every 3 weeks
  • Facial areas half/full face 15 minute appointment every 3 weeks
  • Bikini areas small 15 minute appointment every 4 weeks
  • Lower leg areas small 30 minute appointment every 5-6 weeks
  • Full leg areas small 45-60 minute appointment every 5-6 weeks

Should you require advice please email

  • You may schedule follow up appointments at
  • Please always schedule a patch test first prior to booking your first appointment if you've not had one at Metro Clinic regardless if you've had laser elsewhere - this is a requirement for our insurers and to allow us to give best results.
  • If you're having facial laser please arrive early and use the selection of cleansers in the washroom to remove makeup - we cannot treat you otherwise for safety.
  • We need 24 hours notice of cancellation your appointment will be counted as part of your plan if you don't allow us to fill your slot with another client.