Please use the hand sanitiser gel on entry & exit, wear fresh face mask and enter alone with keypad only if vacant waiting area. Washroom Facial Cleansing suspended.

Congratulations your appointment is booked - should you need to reschedule use the link in your confirmation email.

Please note down c2367 for door entry

Please save the new door entry code

Permission granted for one waiting - please check as you enter - if there's someone seated please wait outside until they are taken and area is sanitised by us

You'll notice it's misty in the clinic - this is anti-viral fogging system which is natural and safe to breathe - it kills 99.999% of all airbourne virus particles for your safety.

Arrive & enter alone no more than 5 minutes prior to appointment - pop on your mask, sanitise hands and take a seat

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1m Personal Distancing Exclusion area

Approved Facemask

Decontaminate hands on entry

Arrive alone and wait outside until we santise the treatment areas.

You will receive an email to complete an online consultation - this is essential- check your spam if you haven't received or click here to access

This allows us to minimise exposure time in line with Covid policies and review your medications and medical history in advance.

Tell a friend – they get discounts and a £1 Patch test – and as a thanks you save too!

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