Laser Hair Removal Glasgow
Laser Hair Removal Glasgow – Never IPL
Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Glasgow options changed when IPL Laser Hair Removal was superceded by Laser. Since then no system as shown to be as effective on all skin tones from 1-6 on treating stubborn unwanted hair. Offering a near permanent solution to IPL Hair Removal.

Located near to access routes in the West end - providing exclusively the only Polaris NdYag Laser Hair Removal.

Welcome to Metro Laser Clinic, Glasgow - NdYag Medical Grade Laser for Hair Removal

Lowest NdYag Laser Hair Removal Prices in Glasgow.
Located near to access routes in the West end - providing exclusively the only Polaris NdYag Laser Hair Removal. Find out more about why we don't use IPL Laser Hair Removal.

Check out our Laser Hair Removal Deals and Low Polaris NdYag Laser Hair Prices.

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Why consider the more permament solution that Laser Hair Removal in Glasgow provides? 
Also many people say Permanent IPL Hair Removal - we did IPL about 20 years back and soon decided based on the amount of regrowth that Medical Grade NdYag Laser was our go to choice for more Permanent Laser Hair Removal.

  • AdvancedMedical Grade Laser - Never IPL
  • No frills or expensive premises to keep costs low
  • 24/7 Online Scheduling to keep costs low
  • Free local parking no City Centre congestion
  • Male & Female Practitioners
  • Male & Female LGBTi Clients
  • Safe on all skin tones unlike IPL
  • Open 7 days with late nights
Laser Hair Removal Glasgow for men

Laser Hair Removal is just for women - right? Wrong.

In fact, one in every five of our hair removal clients are men. At Metro Laser Clinic the most commonly treated areas for men are backs, shoulders, buttocks, chests and abs.

We also treat a lot of men’s beards and necklines to reduce the appearance of the five o’clock shadow and the irritation involved in shaving this area where the hair grows in all different directions and is prone to ingrown hairs or a condition known as psuedofolliculitis. This process is naturally a strong visual step in transitioning clients too.

Low Cost Laser Price Guarantee* Specialising successfully in Asian and Arabic skintypes of all tones because it's a Polaris NdYag.

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