Laser hair removal Glasgow

Choose results for laser hair removal in Glasgow?

To date we've made this amount of laser bursts ...and counting ... about equivalent of 10,2100 face or bikinis' - simply the best NdYag!!!

Check out why we’re so popular with our reviews thanks to our amazing followers, to be honest a much as we get searches on google we’re proud it’s word of mouth from happy clients with stunning results! :)x

It is carried out by exposing the skin to pulses of laser light to destroy hair follicles, resulting in long-term reduction of hair.  We use Polaris Medical NdYag Laser for optimal results – seriously game changing results!

Options changed when IPL Hair Removal because of the superficial penetration of the rainbow-type light. That’s often why results follow so effectively using a precision targetted laser. 

So what is the real difference between Medical Grade Laser or IPL Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

We have clients from many backgrounds and welcome all with respect  

Similarly, our PCOS Program is particularly effective, it strives to inform and give easy tips as part of our blog

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Section for info & Video’s


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